Katherine Rutherford

About Katherine Project Manager

Katherine obtained a Master of Business Administration from the University of Cape Town. She is an experienced Portfolio, Programme and Project manager with a proven track record of successful implementations. She has experience in Financial Services across all segments and in other industries such as Consulting, Telecommunications, Education and Energy.

Katherine is able to take strategic intent and transform this intent into a practical portfolio or programme of work and deliver it in an agile manner that produces continual and visible results for the organisation.

Katherine is passionate about building Agile organizations from the inside that are able to innovate and adjust to a changing world. 

The types of initiatives Katherine has driven are:

·         Entire Business transformation:

o   A segment in a large Financial Services company needed to replace their entire Platform and integrate into the rest of the Core systems. 

o   This process involved combining 5 separate business units, reengineering all their processes and changing many roles in the organisation.

·         Introducing Digital Capability and an Agile organisation:

o   An Educational company wanted to digitally transform their products by building a platform.

o   A PMO capability was implemented while driving the implementation of the principles of an Agile organisation

·         Building an Innovation Culture:

o   A large Financial Services organisation wanted to drive an innovation culture.

o   Katherine implemented and managed a process across the largest Segment to encourage innovation throughout the organisation.

o   She was part of a team looking into future opportunities and technologies in Financial Services and prototyping these.

o   This Financial services company was then awarded the title of the World’s most innovative Bank


On a personal level, Katherine is an avid foodie and loves to travel. She also enjoys playing bridge and occasionally riding her mountain bike. 

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