Each of our associate trainers is professionally qualified and handpicked for their experience, professionalism and dynamism, as well as their ability to engage with a wide audience.

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Angela has a passion for unlocking potential in organisations and people, building high performing teams and helping manage change.  She is known for her facilitation work with senior leadership teams on aligning their strategic goals and how best to achieve these.  Her strong diagnostic skills ensure the real issues are uncovered, help make complex issues simple and enable teams to bring creativity and solutions to the table.  Industries she has worked in include the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, engineering, IT, medical devices, charity and public sector.

Clients enjoy working with Angela as her warm, informal style creates trust quickly and her pragmatism ensures real world application.  Her executive coaching expertise has enabled leaders across Europe with their career and country transitions, development and personal growth and development.

Angela has worked internationally with senior teams, coaching and facilitating towards high performance and supporting them in establishing effective governance and ways of working.  In her work on leadership and culture transformation, Angela brings expertise in agile working across ‘systems’ – partnering with key stakeholders outside the traditional organisational boundary,

Sherrelle has eight years professional research training and experience within the UK Civil Service followed by another eight years managerial research experience in local government, private and charity sectors. In her early career, as lead researcher for children and young people in custody in the UK, she delivered offender surveys and provided research support to prison inspection teams, and coordinated research projects on behalf of the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales. She went on to lead the development of a flagship evaluation framework for a London Council, including an ongoing programme of policy analysis across key Council transformation areas, including health and social care. Third sector experience includes a role at the Centre of Excellence for Child Sexual Abuse (Barnardo’s Children’s Charity), where she was responsible for managing several research projects and publications. International work includes pro bono research and evaluation work in Tanzania, East Africa, delivering an impact assessment for a women’s livelihoods charity, as well as her most recent role managing large scale international research projects, including research training in Zambia and Nigeria.