Inclusion and Belonging

We work with organisations across the UK to design innovative, bold and creative solutions to address their equity, diversity and inclusion challenges.

Laurelle and the team of Consultants have extensive experience of driving meaningful and ground-breaking change within third, private and public sector organisations; designing and delivering highly effective organisational strategies which forge tangible cultural shifts.

Bringing together a highly skilled and experienced team, LBTC brings diversity of thought, identity and lived experience to support the cultivation of inclusive organisations through unapologetic, intentional, and non-judgemental listening, conversation and education; making good of commitments and intentions through action and impact.

Our offer

Our diverse team of Consultants offer a range of services tailored to your organisation and sector. Our team are skilled and experienced in understanding specific needs and developing bespoke responses, offering:

  • A raft of specialist knowledge and experience extending over 15 years
  • A forensic understanding of how power and privilege manifests within systems and structures, and shapes organisational culture and operations
  • Lived experience of a range of intersecting protected characteristics, identities, and experiences, grounding the team in the true value of this work at a personal level
  • A reputation for leading needed conversations with individuals and organisations, in ways that provide robust challenge and drive progressive steps forward
  • A commitment to delivering the work that matters, irrespective of the landscape and/or audience faced

Our approach will challenge and engage you, and drive real change. We cover a wide range of inclusion and belonging needs, including:

  • Inclusive leadership and organisations
  • Executive and staff coaching and mentoring
  • Learning and development events and programmes, including train the trainer models
  • Organisational and service audits and analysis
  • Ethnicity and gender pay gaps
  • Staff and stakeholder networks and engagement
  • Equality Impact Assessments and Public Sector Equality Duty reports
  • The team’s personal and professional experience extends across a range of intersecting identities and protected characteristics including Black and minoritised, LGBTQ+ and differently-abled.


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